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Online Fax vs Fax Machine

Differences between Fax Machines and Online Fax! Which one is leading?

fax vs faxThe fax machine is one of the most famous office equipment of all time and it is still going to be. This machine was able to receive or send printed documents from sender to recipient using only a telephone connection. Once the technology developed the fax machine was replaced by an online faxing. Every method of sending a fax was watched closely to discover if the new technology is as good as expected.

Online Fax

online faxOnline fax use internet connection to send information and this is a new method that is very easy to use. If you want to send a fax by using this type of services you will be able to send faxes via web browser, email, online account, and many more other possibilities. The main advantage of this type of faxing is that it reduces cost but also there are other advantages like not giving money for paper or toner anymore. The only things you need to manage a fax like this is internet access and a subscription to online faxing services which might be different depending on how much paper you use. But in the end you won’t be stressed about the quantity of toner or papers used like you would do with a classic fax machine and you have an advantage of saving up some money.

Another benefit of using this machine is security. There is the possibility to send faxes by encrypted transfers, so your documents will be protected all the time. All files are sent into a mail secured that has a password. You have the possibility even to select who and what is able to see. This makes the service of Online fax even more interesting, fast to use and very simple.

Going for this type of faxing helps you not earning only money but it help you to manage better your time. You don’t have to wait for the signal or resend the faxes, these problems will fade away. In the online environment everything is sent immediately and if it fails there is the possibility to be resend automatically if this set is made from the beginning.

Because this type of technology is advanced, you can also use your email or another account from your devices to send faxes. The procedure is easy and fast as the first one so you will not have any problem using it.

Fax Machine

old faxFax Machine is one of the easiest ways to send printed documents many years before internet made its appearance. There are also businesses that are still keeping this old way of faxing not because they are “old school” but because for them this is very helpful.

Comparative with an Online Fax this one is more expensive and the costs are also bigger. Using this machine you get a copy of a document and this lets you to stock them in files or to write on them (like signatures on official papers). But also is better to keep them digitally organized because is easier to find them. The bad part is when a fax is printed out anyone can see it and if it’s something personal or very important, this is a major problem.

It is very complicated to put all in order to function before you can use this kind of machine. Checking if there is toner or papers and assuring that no folded papers inside the machine can be a waste of time and it’s not the most enjoyable moment when you are in a hurry. Also the signal can cause problems for sending fast a fax and again this can waste your time and slowly your work process.


There is always a good part and a bad one in everything including the online faxing and the traditional fax machine that has been used for so many tears. The online faxing machine is earning more good feedbacks than the old one. If you decide to buy one first you have to think about your needs and buy the one that will always accomplish them better.

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