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Best 10 Online Fax 2015

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Editor's Choice $16.95Free Read Review
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2 $10.00Free- Read Review
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3 $7.95Free Read Review
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4 $8.95Free Read Review
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5 $7.11Free Read Review
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The advantages of going for Online Fax Services!

Today, the fax machines are almost museum exhibits for every office because new and innovative technology ideas replaced this old machine. Now there are new many ways on how to get in touch with your business partners and customers. For this new technology there is no more need of landline to get signatures and documents and it has also a new benefit it keeps your money safe.

The email account is very useful because it helps you to receive and send faxes. If you use a device like a Smartphone or a tablet, there is a setting which can notify you if you have new faxes waiting for a reply. This will save you a lot of money because you don’t have to pay a landline, paper or toner for the fax machine. Each fax you receive is protected and can be guided to who has the right to read it.

If you are too used with the old style of a fax machine, there are some services that work great with this kind of device. RingCentral Fax, Nextiva Fax and MetroFax are the creators of the best fax services.

Things that are a must when choosing Online Fax Services!

Usually all services must be paid and so is this online fax service. Between companies the prices are quite similar. It is important for you to know all these before starting sending faxes. The company may also offer you some packages that have different advantages and prices so check them out before you make your decision.

The distance where you want to send the fax is also important, because some companies are taxing more for this type of option. Once you know what you want you should create a list and look over the prices so you can choose what you think is better.

Here are some categories of online fax services that have been tested.

Addressing Fax

If you have a business which is not so big, and you want to make some changes like reducing costs and reaching clients more efficiently you will need to start to go for a service that offers you a certain number of advantages. It is also important to discover a fax to multiply the files automatically so you don’t have to do it yourself. Password protection together with SSL encryption is very important when you put your documents in the online environment. This way you are sure they reach their destination in a safe way.

Fax Receiving

New technology brings us some advantages. If you are using the fax services from the Smartphone or tablet you instantly receive notification about your online fax. The number of received faxes is usually similar with your sent ones. It’s very important to find the perfect service that will satisfy your needs and has accessible fees.

Additional Features

Is very easy to use the web service of online faxing, it is design to be easy to use and to replace the old fax machine. And make sure you will also check out if the service that you are going to use offers you digital signatures and has enough fax storage space because this is indeed an important feature.


The customer service, is made by companies to resolve quickly all the problems that the customer meets. If something went wrong you can send to the company an email or you can use the phone because they will offer you support 24/7.

Online fax service is recommended if you want to get rid of your old fax or if you want to reduce costs without changing the way you manage your services. You have the possibility to manage your fax from your own email. You can have a look at these faxes from any device that has an internet connection. So all that is left is to make a choice and bring the fax machine into a new form in the digital age.

Best 5 services – Detailed comparison

  Editor's Choice
eFax Read review
MyFax Read review
MetroFax Read review
Nextiva Fax Read review
RingCentral Fax Read review
Cost per month $16.95$10.00$7.95$8.95$7.11
Setup FeeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Cost for any additional fax$.10$.10$.03$.03$.06
Features score                         
Fax from website
International Fax-
Multiple Recipients
Multiple Documents in One Fax
Fax StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage DurationUnlimitedyearyearUnlimitedUnlimited
Microsoft Outlook plugin
Send later functionality---
Security score85859095100
Spam Block-
Password Protection
Mobile Alerts-
Re-Send if busy